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M1 Junction 28 to 31 – CSB Replacement due to Concrete Contamination

In 2014, Extrudakerb constructed 30km of Concrete Step Barrier along the M1 between junctions 28 and 31. In May 2015, the Principle Contractor, Costain, commenced removal and replacement operations to some of the barrier due to the fact that a contaminate was contained within the concrete. This contaminate issue only became apparent approximately 12 weeks […]

What is that Purple Ducting for?

  This question seems to be asked more and more with the unknown purple ducting being placed on almost all new central reservation highway schemes throughout the UK. The purple ducting is a secured protective ducting which contains cables which are known as NRTS. NRTS stands for National Roads Telecommunications Services and is operated by […]

M1 Junction 28 to 31 – Concrete Barrier Renewal

Over 30km of slipform Concrete Step Barrier with over 100 individual handformed transitions Over 25km of slipform Surface Water Channels with over 1000 outfalls Upgrade of Great Britain’s life expired steel barrier is rapidly accelerating as the works  are being incorporated within the Highways Agency’s overall program to create “All Lane Running” motorways. Now rather […]

Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway

Although involved in some of the first guided busways constructed in Leeds and Edinburgh the exacting demands of the bus operators was not then fully understood and slipform paving was dismissed in favor of pre-cast solutions for Cambridge and Luton. However, advancements in slipform technology, implementation of lessons learnt and shortfalls manifesting themselves with pre-cast […]

M1 Junction 39 to 42 – Extrudakerb go wireless with new GPS technology

Over 11km of slipform Concrete Step Barrier Over 5km of slipform Surface Water Channels Upgrade of Great Britain’s life expired steel barrier is rapidly accelerating as the works are being incorporated within the Highways Agency’s overall program to create “All Lane Running” motorways. Improvement of the M1 motorway between junctions 39 and 42 was one […]

Flood Defence Wall at Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

Over 1500m over reinforced flood defence wall and foundation When EDF Energy identified that a major improvement to flood defenses and security was needed at its costal nuclear facility at Dungeness, Kent the organisation quickly turned to the proven combination of Allens Security and Extrudakerb to assist in a challenging accelerated project delivery of a […]

M1 J10-13 Improvements
64 4478C 13.10.10 CH20025 Looking N - Mould

Client: Costain Carillion Joint Venture Contract Start Date: July 2010 Contract Completion Date: 2013 Introduction On behalf of the Highways Agency, Costain Carillion Joint Venture (CCJV) are undertaking various improvements to the M1 motorway between junctions 10 and 13. These improvements are designed to relieve traffic congestion and improve journey times as part of an […]

CE – The Sign of Quality and Compliance with Standard

From 1st January 2011 many Roads Overseeing organisations of European Union member countries imposed a requirement that all newly installed safety restraint systems must be CE marked. The components for many factory manufactured systems have for a number of years carried such CE marking. However EN1317 Part 5 as a harmonised standard within the European […]

Extrudakerb commence the slipform of Surface Water Channel in Poland

Poland’s intensive road improvement programme benefits from the many advantages of machine laid insitu concrete channel construction. Gomaco Commander III 4-track slipform pavers are being used to construct standard surface water channel on a number of new road construction schemes. Locally produced ready mixed concrete is discharged onto the paving machines loading conveyor and fed […]

Area 12 Asset Renewal

Britpave concrete barrier is fast becoming a common sight on the motorways running through MAC Area 12. This region has replaced by far the most life expired steel barrier with new TD19/06 compliant high performance, zero maintenance Britpave insitu concrete safety barrier. During 2009 and 2010 major improvement works to the M62, M1 and M18 […]

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