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The New Extrudakerb Concrete Barrier System (ECB)

The ECB System offers a new and market leading “do optimal” approach to concrete barrier installations.

The new profile barrier system is manufactured at point of need under fully certified Factory Production Control conditions.

All aspects of system manufacture are fully automated and reflect the industries best practice including concrete batching, concrete transportation and re-tempering (Verifi), slipform paving and joint saw cutting.

  • The system is fully CE Marked with, a Declared Performance
    of H2 / W1 / VI2 / ASI B
  • Full Declared Performance is achieved without the need for
    longitudinal steel strand.
  • The system benefits from a reduced 50mm upper foundation thickness.
  • The system offers use of a universal transition arrangement, allowing
    for a variety of third-party system connections.
  • The cost of the new high-performance concrete barrier profile is
    comparable to lower performance steel barrier systems.
  • The system can be used in a variable and wide arrangement,
    and offers a simple solution for crossing structures.

To read the full, four page data sheet, open/download the PDF of the ECB001 Data Sheet using this link:

Extrudakerb ECB001 Data Sheet – Web or Email Use


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