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A busy weekend on the M6

M6 Paver D

It was a busy weekend on the M6 for Paul Bates and Tom Spencer from the Extrudakerb Service / Fabrication Team who were fitting a development secondary conveyor belt scraper onto the paver to prevent concrete loss from the conveyor belt system whilst producing slipform paved products.

Paul’s photos and videography clearly demonstrate the functions of the new secondary conveyor belt scraper on the Wirtgen SP25i and it reflects the diverse range of services Extrudakerb offers.

This is a bespoke conveyor belt scraper that has been developed in house by the Extrudakerb Technical department, then manufactured and developed within the Service and Fabrication workshops.

This new development is one of many innovative services Extrudakerb can offer.  It prevents the excess concrete from spilling onto the paver itself, the chassis and most importantly the ground underneath.  This minimises the waste of concrete and utilises the workforces time more efficiently due to less manpower needed for cleaning up after the paver has completed its process.  Great housekeeping benefits and site maintenance for all the Extrudakerb team!

With Kier managing the project, junction 16 – 19 of the M6 is being transformed into a Smart Motorway with Extrudakerb assisting with the build of 8,000 linear meters of surface water chanel and 41,000 meters of slot drain over a period of 10 months with a completion date of August 2018 forecasted.

Extrudakerb pride themselves on developing and innovating unique equipment to assist with the build of slipform paving and in-situ concrete products.

Extrudakerb praise all their staff for their hard efforts.

M6 Paver F