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ExtrudaBlurb Issue 11
Extrudablurb Newsletter Issue 11

The latest edition of Extrudakerb’s two-page newsletter is now ready to download. ExtrudaBlurb has been written to inform both employees and clients of the on-goings within the Extrudakerb business, including articles regarding current schemes, Health, Safety, Quality & Environment topics and other items pertinent to Extrudakerb. You can download the PDF of the newsletter in […]

A busy weekend on the M6
M6 Paver C

It was a busy weekend on the M6 for Paul Bates and Tom Spencer from the Extrudakerb Service / Fabrication Team who were fitting a development secondary conveyor belt scraper onto the paver to prevent concrete loss from the conveyor belt system whilst producing slipform paved products. Paul’s photos and videography clearly demonstrate the functions […]