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Completion of Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway

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Extrudakerb, the UK’s largest slipform concrete company, has completed its £9.1m contract on the 6.5km two-lane Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway (LEGB) in Greater Manchester ahead of schedule.

Working in partnership with Balfour Beatty on the Transport for Greater Manchester project, Extrudakerb is ensuring passengers will enjoy the most comfortable journey of any UK busway thanks to the state-of-the-art bespoke slipforming equipment and a precision grinding machine which delivers the smoothest finish to the continuous, monolithic structure. Using Leica Geosystems’s sonic 3D alignment control system Extrudakerb has achieved +/-3mm horizontal and +0/-5mm vertical alignment precision.drone stills 25

This success is thanks to the incredible output of the Extrudakerb team, paving 11,000m3 PQ concrete at a rate of 32m3 per hour and a grinding operation delivering the precise finish at 200m per shift.


Slipform delivers comfortable ride 

“Extrudakerb delivered savings on programme and cost,” comments Extrudakerb director James Charlesworth. “The slipformed busway is a monolithic continuously reinforced construction which resists likely long-term residual settlement and or movement, so the LEGB is highly sustainable and maintenance-free, with a 50-year life.”

“But the benefits of slipform are not just economic. The true achievement is the smoothness of the passengers’ ride, thanks to the lack of joints. Previous busways constructed from pre-cast blocks do not meet the exacting tolerances realised by Extrudakerb’s slipform and grinding combination, because they feature frequent transverse joints and can, over time, settle out of line. The slipform and grinding combination ensures the greater tolerances specified and required for a smooth train-like ride can actually be delivered.”

Extrudakerb assumed the key supplier role, with a full management team and 80 staff, on-site offices and a ‘one stop shop’ service by also managing groundworks, laying the pavement sub-base, constructing ground anchors, fixing 88t of reinforcement on-site to a +/-10mm tolerance and constructing car traps plus entry/exit splays. Extrudakerb also managed specialist subcontractors for the project.

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