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M1 J10-13 Improvements

Costain Carillion Joint Venture

Contract Start Date:
July 2010

Contract Completion Date:


On behalf of the Highways Agency, Costain Carillion Joint Venture (CCJV) are undertaking various improvements to the M1 motorway between junctions 10 and 13. These improvements are designed to relieve traffic congestion and improve journey times as part of an ongoing programme to upgrade the M1 corridor.

The works span a 25km stretch of the motorway and will involve the creation of a fourth lane through hard shoulder running, active sign gantries displaying variable speed limits and improvements to junctions 11 and 12.

5 4478C 26.07.11 CH396 Looking North  64 4478C 13.10.10 CH20025 Looking N - Mould

Extrudakerb’s Involvement

Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited, being the UK’s market leader in the construction of slip-formed products for the highway network, was, during the tender process, successful in demonstrating our strengths and proven history of successfully providing top-quality products through class leading, focussed managerial support and innovative thinking. CCJVís desire to realise cost saving through product innovation and effective partnering with their supply-chain, as well as, of course, securing competitive rates, resulted us being awarded the contract to construct all of the slot drain, associated outfalls and concrete barrier systems on this high-profile scheme.

We quickly developed a good working relationship with CCJV both at a managerial level and at site level.  We feel that this, and our policy of clear and open communication, has been fundamental in the continued success of the relationship and our ability to continually meet our obligations and go the extra mile in delivering a high quality service.

Both Extrudakerb and CCJVís commercial team work closely together and with their respective technical colleagues, collectively striving to maintain cost effective outputs which meet expectation at all levels.  Extrudakerb have chaired seminars for all interested parties so that all concerned can proactively appreciate the requirements of our product and services and so that we can fully understand our impact on other related disciplines.

Another key area essential to our continued success is building a strong supply-chain partnership with organisations which can assist us in providing excellent service and bespoke solutions to potentially laborious and inefficient construction methods.

IMG_1734 IMG_1728

Health & Safety

Of course, in everything we do, Health & Safety is our top priority and we can proudly claim that so far on this scheme we have maintained an exemplary performance in minimising and negating risks to our experienced workforce and those who are affected by our activities.  We constantly review our procedures to allow for changes in the work environment and work closely with the Health & Safety Management Team at CCJV in maintaining this level of safety.

However, we never rest on our laurels and are in the process of achieving certification against BS OHSAS 18001 so that we can further improve on our high standards.


Extrudakerb have, through expert management, a keen eye on quality, continued investment in the latest technology and the innovative thinking which we provide to all areas of our business, developed an efficient methodology in the construction of all the products required by this scheme.

This Engineering Efficiency has been supported by our full in-house workshop and engineering facilities and has assisted Extrudakerb in providing CCJV and the Highways Agency with a high value product of which they can be proud.

Indeed, at the time of writing, Extrudakerb’s experienced Technical and Operations Managers are working closely with CCJV and their designers to develop an efficient system of integrating the extra steel reinforcement required at each of the 14m lamp columns, which sit atop the TWCSB (Trough Wide Concrete Step Barrier), in the central reserve, the construction of which is imminent.

The value of the input by our supply-chain partners cannot be overstated.  Part of the slot drain product is the requirement for linear drain outfalls (LDO) and linear drain accesses (LDA).

Due to the high numbers of these units, our technical management team worked with a supplier to provide unique and bespoke outfall and access assemblies which hugely simplify and quicken the process of constructing these units on site.  A natural by-product of this approach is also a high and consistent level of quality and product performance.

CE Marking

As if to perfectly illustrate Extrudakerb’s forward-thinking ethos, we can proudly say that we have achieved a world-first in the right to attribute to all of our Britpave licensed highway products the European CE marking system.

As such, in this scheme the concrete barrier system in the central reserve will be the first ever constructed under this banner and will be physically labelled with the CE mark.

The right we hold to apply the CE mark to our Britpave licensed highway only goes to further enhance the trust our clients can place in our ability to provide a top quality product.

P53 CH2080 In-Line LDO T3

Interesting Statistics

Up to October 2011, Extrudakerb have on this scheme:

Slip formed in excess of 26.5km of slot drain;
Slip formed six lengths of CSB in the verge for the purpose of structure protection;
Constructed twelve transitions from CSB to steel barrier;
Used over 8600m3 of concrete in the slip form process;
Constructed 506 LDOs (linear drain outfall);
Constructed 671 LDAs (linear drain access);
Cast in-situ 370m of slot drain where slip form wasnít achievable.

In Summary

Once again, through our involvement in this high-profile scheme, we have demonstrated to the industry that we are contractor of choice when it comes to the construction of linear barrier and drainage products, both in the UK and Europe.

Off the back of this scheme and others, we are sure that Extrudakerb will play an important role in bringing up-to-date the UKís highway network and through continued proactive relationships with the Highways Agency and Britpave, will help make the our roads amongst the safest in the world.