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CE – The Sign of Quality and Compliance with Standard

From 1st January 2011 many Roads Overseeing organisations of European Union member countries imposed a requirement that all newly installed safety restraint systems must be CE marked.

The components for many factory manufactured systems have for a number of years carried such CE marking. However EN1317 Part 5 as a harmonised standard within the European Construction Products Directive demands that it is the complete as tested safety restraint system that must hold the CE mark. Britpave recognised the difference between component and installed system CE marking and embarked upon a detailed review of the processes involved in the award system CE mark.

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Britpave’s extensive suite of detailed construction drawings, associated data sheets and 3rd party audited Licensed  Installation process effectively took the organisations products a long way down the right road already. Britpave employed the MIRA a leading independent product engineering, testing, consultancy and certification organisation experienced in a wide range of certification and homologation services for automotive and non-automotive products and a Notified Body to work with them and all appointed Licensed Barrier Installers to achieve CE marking.

Extrudakerb’s entire workforce embraced the challenges set by the Directors desire to achieve award of this prestigious accolade. In reality only minor improvements to the companies existing bespoke product focused quality management systems were required and in August 2011 the company was awarded by Britpave upon recommendation from MIRA the right to CE mark Britpave Concrete Barrier products

Concrete barrier will be tagged at the end of the construction process to provide certainty to Clients and Road Overseeing Authorities that the product is installed in line with the Britpave specification and as such is the same product as was successful tested and certified as laid out in EN1317.

The audit system employed by Extrudakerb is not a once a year inspection but rather a live continuous examination of every stage of the process to construct Britpave Concrete Barrier systems. It is a wholly transparent system that carried hold points at every stage to ensure compliance with standards. Construction equipment is included within the audit system and even the humble spirit level must be regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy of measurements taken and therefore product installation.

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Extrudakerb have developed their existing training programmes to meet the demands of CE audit with staff at every level within the business receiving regular briefings and examinations to ensure that they are full educated and certified to carry out the duties required of them.

Clients are provided with a comprehensive Completion Pack at the end of every installation that contains every certificate, testing schedule, project installation drawing, project installation schematic and material record for the scheme.

CE marking is not bound by national territory and is valid across all of the European member states. This is of great advantage to companies like Extrudakerb that operate not only within the United Kingdom but in many other European countries. CE mark is a universally accepted sign of quality. It is an award that Extrudakerb believe fits extremely comfortably within the groups portfolio and is a recognition of the ethos that has been developed within the company over a 40 year period.