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Extrudakerb commence the slipform of Surface Water Channel in Poland

Poland’s intensive road improvement programme benefits from the many advantages of machine laid insitu concrete channel construction.

Gomaco Commander III 4-track slipform pavers are being used to construct standard surface water channel on a number of new road construction schemes.

Locally produced ready mixed concrete is discharged onto the paving machines loading conveyor and fed into a compaction and shaping mould. As the machine travels forward automatically aligned from a pre-set guidance wire perfectly formed insitu concrete channel is left behind.

The channel requires minor manual finishing although crack inducing saw cuts are placed the next day transversely at 5m centres. The cuts are subsequently sealed to prevent water ingress.

Outfalls are simply constructed in the most part simultaneously with the adjacent concrete channel. Grates are set and secured in advance of the machine lay works; a hydraulic side plate incorporated within the mould raises as the mould arrives at the grate; the mould can then travel through the outfall location without hindrance; pre-cast concrete edgings are bedded, set and backed up with the same concrete used to construct the channel and finally the apron surrounding the grate and the adjacent channel are made good.

Various depths of the same channel are constructed using the same slipform paving mould due to the incorporation of hydraulically extending side forms. This reduces the need to delay works whilst moulds are changed. The range of the side forms is large enough to facilitate channels to be constructed fully free standing on the sub-base layer or against partially constructed carriageway surfacing

Productivity is already exceeding 600 linear metres in a single 8 hours shift but not at the expense of quality. Project inspectors who are seeing this technology for the first time are expressing satisfaction with not only the high outputs but also the quality of the finished product.

Extrudakerb are utilising careful quality systems that involve careful sampling and testing of the concrete as well as joint surveys with Clients of the as built product.

Although experienced UK based staff have been utilised to commence works and to staff any short fall in resources caused by programme overlaps the change over to a wholly Polish workforce is well underway. The scale of the Extrudakerb group business across Europe provides great scope for expansion within a given territory as equipment and trained workers are typically available.

Extrudakerb’s local management team have received initial training at the groups UK headquarters and receive frequent local updates as required.

Heath and safety is as always a primary focus for any of the groups activities and Poland is no exception. The groups strict guidelines are being followed although local customs are being incorporated.

The company hopes to expand activities into the specialist and core activity field of insitu road restraint systems where it believes Poland could, like much of Europe, benefit from insitu concrete high performance barrier rather than steel systems.