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Area 12 Asset Renewal

Britpave concrete barrier is fast becoming a common sight on the motorways running through MAC Area 12. This region has replaced by far the most life expired steel barrier with new TD19/06 compliant high performance, zero maintenance Britpave insitu concrete safety barrier.

During 2009 and 2010 major improvement works to the M62, M1 and M18 motorways have been taking place as part of a drive to prepare these critical and heavily trafficked routes for Managed Motorway operation.

To early 2011 a total of 11 separate schemes have spanned two separate maintaining agents tenure with A-One+ taking over the management of Area 12 MAC from CarillionWSP in October 2009 with principle works undertaken by 3 different contractors: CarillionWSP, Interserve and Balfour Beatty. The common denominator to all the completed schemes being the appointment of Britpave Barrier Licence holder Extrudakerb to complete all insitu concrete drainage and slipform barrier works. Although a national contractor operating across the UK, Ireland and recently Poland, Extrudakerb’s head office and workshops are located near Doncaster and so are ideally placed for works within the Area 12 MAC.

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In total to date some 18,000 metres of insitu concrete drainage channel and 23,000 metres of Britpave concrete barrier has been constructed principally along the central reserve of the M1 motorways between junctions 31 and 34 as well as the M62 motorway between junctions 25 and 30. A total of around 20,000m3 of concrete has been supplied by Lafarge Ready Mixed Concrete and Hanson Premix. Works include many different disciplines including provision of Emergency Crossing Points (ECPs) using the Britpave Steel barrier System, Britpave Variable profile concrete barrier, Britpave transition to Open Box Beam steel safety fence and terminals or bifurcation at existing structures. Matrix signs have been incorporated by mounting them directly upon localised sections of Britpave Wide CSB. Aside from utilising Extrudakerb’s fleet of 5 Gomaco Commander III 4-track slipform pavers, 100’s of metres of steel formwork were used to ensure that progress of fixed form barrier construction kept up with the rapid pace of the machine lay works. At it’s peak the work saw 3 paving crews, 2 fixed form gangs and four slipform pavers all being utilised simultaneously.

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