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Ireland Reaps Benefit of Asphalt Kerb

Extruded asphalt kerb was successfully introduced along the verge of the new M7 / M8 Portlaoise to Castletown and Cullahill Motorway.

Originally the project design provided for insitu concrete kerbs following Irelandís traditional practice. However, the schemes Contracts Manager had previously worked in the United Kingdom where extruded asphalt kerb is by a way the most prolific machine laid kerb used. He suggested that the project team contact Extrudakerb and enquire if they could assist in evaluating if an asphalt kerb could be considered.

The scheme required around 27km of kerb and so careful evaluation of the potential advantages of an asphalt kerb were essential.

DSC_2596 DSC_2954

Extrudakerb firstly submitted rates for the kerb as well as a technical submission; a site meeting soon followed and an agreement was reached for a trial to be undertaken locally.

Extrudakerb selected Lagan Asphalt as their local material supply chain partner and worked with them to produce a suitable kerb asphalt mix. The trials were successful and an order placed.

BAM needed to make the decision to change from concrete to asphalt kerb relatively early in the construction programme as the concrete kerb is constructed upon the sub base layer in advance of adjacent carriageway where as the asphalt kerb is extruded directly upon the final surface course.

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The 27km of kerb were constructed over 2 visits to site in a period of 3 weeks, 7 days earlier than programme.

Declan Begley, BAM Civil Site Agent, confirmed that the reason for a change from pre-cast to asphalt kerb was driven by clear cost benefits: in fact savings of around 50% of the cost of the original insitu kerb were realised.

Begley confirmed that rates of production were incredible when compared to insitu concrete with a best figure of some 2600lm being achieved within an 10 hour period.Quality control was excellent with no remedials being required.

Overall BAM confirmed that this first introduction of asphalt kerb to Ireland was a great success for all parties involved and they are keen to adopt the system on similar schemes.