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Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

In the summer of 2008 Dean & Dyball along with Flint & Neill Partnership were given the task of the refurbishment of the Clifton Suspension Bridge by the Bridge Trust.

Upon inspection of the bridge it was found that the original wooden platform beneath the carriageway had deteriorated due to water ingress, and the drainage system was at fault.

IMG_0929 IMG_0925

After discussions between Extrudakerb, Dean & Dyball and the Clifton Bridge Trust a new drainage system was designed. This incorporated the use of a fibreglass channel with the asphalt kerb placed in front.

After several meetings a kerb profile measuring 190mm wide and 100mm in height was agreed and a successful trial with asphalt conforming to BS5931 was carried out at our Denaby works.

300mm wide metal plates were placed at 7.5 metre intervals before laying the kerb which prevented the asphalt kerb bonding to the surface. The offlets measuring 300mm were then cut out and the metal plate removed once the kerb had hardened sufficiently.