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Concrete Safety Barrier
Concrete Safety Barrier
Concrete Safety Barrier

Extrudakerb offer a complete suite of insitu concrete safety barrier products complying with EN1317 and featuring CE marking of the installed system.

The range includes transitions to other safety restraint systems, terminals as well as street lighting and signage fixings.

Containment levels range from H4a to N2 and include H2 with a Working Width of W2 and ASI Level B.

Extrudakerb offer a complete design and build service for all concrete barrier installations. We are the first company in Europe to achieve CE marking of installed safety barrier system rather than CE marking of barrier system components.

Concrete Drainage Systems
Concrete Drainage Systems
Concrete Drainage Systems

Across the world the construction of drainage systems using pre-cast elements is being replaced by insitu slipform construction.

The reasons are quite simple and unambiguous:-

  • Wholly mechanised process free from manual handling
  • Reduced cost
  • High productivity
  • Rigorous process quality control
  • Improved product durability
  • Flexibility with minimal radii achieved with ease
  • Reduced environmental impact

Extrudakerb are able to provide a wealth of experience for the design and construction of insitu slipform drainage systems. Extrudakerb are able to advise contractors how to best make use of the many advantages of the slipform process and accelerate programme but reduce costs.

Extrudakerb offer a range of insitu concrete drainage systems; being an equipment manufacturer as well as a contractor they can offer bespoke moulds and paver set up configurations to suit any application.

Insitu drainage systems are typically constructed prior to adjacent carriageway surfacing on top of a sub base foundation with the depth of the insitu product being equal to the depth of pavement.

Insitu drainage details can though be constructed against fully or partially constructed pavement.

Typically a 35N concrete is proposed although higher strength mixes are available if required.


Extruded Asphalt Kerb
Extruded Asphalt Kerb
Extruded Asphalt Kerb

For more than 30 years extruded asphalt kerb has been the most prolific type of kerb along the UK's motorway and trunk road network. Virtually maintenance-free, it is the kerb system of choice for the majority of our principal national clients, designers and contractors.

Concrete Security Barriers
Concrete Security Barriers
Concrete Security Barriers

Extrudakerb are Licensed Installers of Britpave BsecB insitu concrete permanent perimeter security barrier systems.

Extrudakerb offer a comprehensive design and build service for this unique market leading product.

BsecB has been successfully tested to BSI PAS68:2010. Testing has been carried out using N2 at 64km/h (40mph) and N3 vehicles at 80km/h (50pmh) with associated reports.

Flood Defence Systems
Flood Defence Systems
    Flood Defence Systems

    Extrudakerb offer a complete design and build service for the provision of insitu concrete flood mitigation infrastructure.

    The use of both slipform and traditional fixed form construction can provide significant program and cost benefits to schemes where a reasonably consistent profile is required.

    The structure can be fully reinforced and can feature, flood gates and intruder fencing mounted to the barrier.

    The structure can be designed to also provide hostile vehicle mitigation performance certified in accordance with PAS 68.

    Concrete Busway & Slab Paving
    Concrete Busway & Slab Paving
    Concrete Busway & Slab Paving

    Extrudakerb have successfully constructed many concrete pavements on the highway and at civilian and military airfields.

    Extrudakerb operate two complete slipform paving trains featuring concrete placing machines, slipform paving machines and automated texture cure machines and tenting.

    The company is experienced in both jointed reinforced and continuously reinforced concrete pavements; offering both machine and hand lay capabilities.

    The company is currently slipforming a new 7km long dual lane guided busway in Manchester and the first concrete pavement on a UK highways for over 10 years where 16km of hard shoulder along the M6 motorway in Staffordshire is being reconstructed in jointed reinforced concrete.

    About Us

    About Us

    Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited are a company that specialise in the design and construction of slipform concrete (concrete safety barrier and concrete drainage systems) and extruded asphalt kerbing products (asphalt kerbing systems). Our policy is to exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and safety on every contract we undertake. We provide a working environment for all our employee’s which is both safe and secure. Employees are encouraged to develop through innovation and a program of internal and external training.

    The beginning

    Maltby Engineering Company was founded in the early 1970's arising from the demands of the Contractors who were at the time constructing what was then the new M18 & M1 motorways.Initially repairing and maintaining all types of major construction equipment from his small workshop, the Groups founder Arnie Charlesworth's inventive mind was intrigued by the asphalt kerbing machine to which he was constantly called out to repair.He quickly realised the modifications that could be made to this small machine to improve efficiency and performance and from this he built his own version of the kerbing machine. His early extrusion machines were built for sale. However, very quickly the opportunity to carry out the kerb extrusion works on behalf of the main project contractor arose.
    Early Kerbing

    Expansion of extruded asphalt kerb

    Expansion forced the company to move from it's original site at Maltby to a new development at Denaby some 10 miles away and a separate sub-contract construction company, Extrudakerb (Maltby Engineering) Limited was founded in 1977.The company grew from strength to strength and soon almost all major contractors and asphalt surfacing companies had mothballed their own extrusion machines and elected to employ Extrudakerb as a specialist sub-contractor.Now, for more than 30 years extruded asphalt kerb has been the most prolific type of kerb along the UK’s motorway and trunk road network. Virtually maintenance-free, it is the kerb system of choice for the majority of our principal national clients, designers and contractors.
    Asphalt Kerbing

    Introducing slipform concrete

    In 1989 an enquiry was received for the "extrusion" of some 14km of concrete kerb from an existing asphalt kerbing customer who thought that the asphalt kerbing machine could be simply modified to accommodate concrete kerb. This was not the case but the entrepreneurial Arnie Charlesworth knew of the existence of slipform kerbing machines in the United States of America.He boarded a plane and within a week had ordered the company's first slipform paver.The machine arrived and was put to work slipforming a guide rail for a conventional fixed form concrete road train on one of the five sections of the M40 motorway extension from Birmingham to Oxford.Business developed and similar and larger slipform paving machines were purchased. The company became and remains the largest specialist slipform paving company in the United Kingdom. Extrudakerb’s own fabrication division supports all on site construction operations and produces bespoke moulds and other associated equipment to meet the customer’s exact requirements. Slipform concrete pavers are used to undertake a variety of sub-contract works including the construction of concrete barrier, concrete drainage channel, concrete slot drain and concrete slab paving.
    Slipform Paver


    Aside from Extrudakerb's construction activities Maltby Engineering Company holds many Patents for specialist road making equipment including the latest generation asphalt kerbing machine and slot drain designs.

    International Expansion

    The company now works outside the U.K. with successful projects completed in Ireland, France and Malta. Offices have been opened in Gdansk, Poland from where Extrudakerb operate with a local workforce focused upon the needs of this up and coming new marketplace.Extrudakerb have lately introduced steel safety barrier systems into the portfolio of services offered providing customers with a unique one stop shop for all barrier and drainage solutions.Many of the original staff that worked with Arnie Charlesworth in the early days still work today in the group. Staff recruitment and retention remain a high priority for the company.
    Extrudakerb in Poland

    Proud of our founding principles

    The self same principles that originally inspired and motivated Arnie Charlesworth some 35 years ago remain as firm as ever in the minds of the Extrudakerb Management team. The desire to satisfy and exceed customer demands through innovation and hard work; to put quality, service and safety ahead of profitability and to ensure good lines of communication with our customers and members of our staff to maintain a safe and contented workplace.
    In House Design & Fabrication

    •      Bespoke Mould Designs
    •      Technical Assistance
    •      In-House CAD Team
    •      Early Contractor Involvement
    •      Over 100 Years of In-House Slipform Paving Experience
    •      In-House Fabrication Facilities
    6DBT7614 P1000781
    CE Marking

    • BBS Licensed Installer
    • Operations audited by MIRA annually
    • Project specific Compliance Pack Issued on all Concrete Barrier schemes
    • CE Marked Product
    • World's First Slipform Contractor to be CE Approved for the installation of insitu concrete safety barrier
    ce IMG_0048-200x300
    Quality & Environmental

    •    BSI Accredited 9001
    •    BSI Accredited 14001
    •    Strict Quality Checks
    •    In-House SHEQ Department
    •    Over 1,000,000 hours without an Environmental Incident
    •    360 Degree Customer Satisfaction Reviews
    •    Sustainable Materials Used
    Health & Safety

    •      BSI Accredited OHSAS 18001
    •      AFR (2013 – present) is 0.00
    •      CHAS Accredited
    •      100% CSCS Workforce
    •      Fully Trained Operatives
    •      Ongoing investment in safety
    About Extrudakerb
    About Us
    In House
    Design &
    Quality &
    Health &
    About Us
    In House Design & Fabrication
    CE Marking
    Quality & Environmental
    Health & Safety
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    ExtrudaBlurb - Extrudakerb's Newsletter - November 2016

    Extrudakerb have recently created and issued its first Company Newsletter. The Monthly Newsletter, ExtrudaBlurb, has been written to inform both employees and clients of the on-goings within the Extrudakerb business, including articles regarding current schemes, Health, Safety, Quality & Environment topics and other items pertinent to Extrudakerb. 2038-extrudakerb-newsletter-v3-2_page_1 Please Click HERE  to download the full Newsletter.

    Extrudakerb Under Lean Management

    What is LEAN? Lean manufacturing, lean production or ‘lean’, is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. Lean takes into account waste created through overburden and waste created through unevenness in workloads. ‘Lean’ in its simplest form means eliminating waste from every aspect of the work process while ensuring that value-adding activities are completed in the most efficient and time-effective manner. In April 2016, Extrudakerb recruited Stephen Lee as Group Lean Manager, to initiate and take the company through its Lean journey. Stephen comes from an experienced background with over 18 years’ experience in Lean Management, and was previously in charge of Site Operations at a British Aerospace company, in which Lean was a forefront of the business objectives. Stephen will be managing operations at Extrudakerb’s head office including manufacturing, equipment servicing and stores department, and will be implementing a Lean culture across the Extrudakerb Group, with the full cooperation and involvement of everyone. Recently, Highways England have implemented Lean projects across the UK highway projects, to look at improving production and lowering costs for all aspects of construction across the network. As part of the Highway England Lean project, Extrudakerb will be able to become fully involved via the direction and experience of Stephen as they follow their own “LEAN journey”.   Basic Processes –IMG_3619 In terms of understanding the basic direction and Influence within a LEAN business it is important to firstly identify the types of areas that have the greatest effect on reducing the performance and efficiency of a business. The evaluation of each of these elements using such LEAN tools as Value stream mapping. Must systematically occur to firstly understand the “Current state” so we can then create the “Future state” taking in to consideration the requirements of both business and customer. There are many different tools associated with LEAN, the most important element of applying the LEAN tools is the understanding of which tool is applicable to your business.   What are the clients and Extrudakerb’s expectations? The expectation of any customer or client is that there every request is taken into a business that has an effective process of managing the request, and providing the service to the correct price, time scale, quality and quantity. The primary focus of LEAN is not sat with the Business undertaking the journey “or” the customer, but both parties with an equal balance, as neither party can independently function without the other. For example, if the customer requires a reduced lead time from standard, the business must have a process of understanding what elements within that process can be reduced via whatever means. Before they commit back to the customer. Throughout Extrudakerb’s Lean journey, a continual analysis of the waste eliminated, time and cost saved will be carried out. After initial evaluation, targets will be discussed and agreed, which will include a reduction in non-conformance's, improved productivity, increased profit margin, improvement to work processes. With having on-board a dedicated Lean representative, it will allow Extrudakerb’s processes and setup to be scrutinised and improved, where necessary, whilst the company continues to grow at an equal if not improved rate. A well thought-out and deployed strategy results in the alignment of purpose in every aspect of the company, leading to:IMG_3633
    • improved delivery performance in terms of value, quality, programme and cost
    • alignment of all areas to deliver against an agreed set of company objectives
    • clarity of communication
    • a common guide for decision making, target-setting, reviewing and improving
    • the basis to which all aspects of delivery should seek to relentlessly deliver
    • the foundation for collaborative working
    Further benefits include:
    • all employees are focused and aligned to achieve the agreed objectives, working together in a non-adversarial way
    • the workforce are pushing further than their first improvement targets, positively challenging how far they can go
    • the workforce are happily, proudly and visibly reporting on their success
    • the workforce are willing to take coaching and review their work processes
    • the workforce challenge management when standards are slipping.
    Continuous improvement is a never ending cycle that allows the business to identify and question the “current” and effectively improve it to the “future”. In general terms the opportunities or “low hanging fruit” often present themselves based upon demand or change. But it is the challenging of the “Current” that offers the most gain, as there is always a better or more efficient way of completing a task. For example – a filing cabinet is becoming full, the current mentality may be one of “when it gets full buy an additional one to create space”. Essentially demand has generated a requirement, but the “current” can be challenged to offer another solution, say scanning in of documents to reduce foot print and storage space.  



    Completion of Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway

    Front Image Extrudakerb, the UK’s largest slipform concrete company, has completed its £9.1m contract on the 6.5km two-lane Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway (LEGB) in Greater Manchester ahead of schedule. Working in partnership with Balfour Beatty on the Transport for Greater Manchester project, Extrudakerb is ensuring passengers will enjoy the most comfortable journey of any UK busway thanks to the state-of-the-art bespoke slipforming equipment and a precision grinding machine which delivers the smoothest finish to the continuous, monolithic structure. Using Leica Geosystems’s sonic 3D alignment control system Extrudakerb has achieved +/-3mm horizontal and +0/-5mm vertical alignment precision.drone stills 25 This success is thanks to the incredible output of the Extrudakerb team, paving 11,000m3 PQ concrete at a rate of 32m3 per hour and a grinding operation delivering the precise finish at 200m per shift.   Slipform delivers comfortable ride  “Extrudakerb delivered savings on programme and cost,” comments Extrudakerb director James Charlesworth. “The slipformed busway is a monolithic continuously reinforced construction which resists likely long-term residual settlement and or movement, so the LEGB is highly sustainable and maintenance-free, with a 50-year life.” “But the benefits of slipform are not just economic. The true achievement is the smoothness of the passengers’ ride, thanks to the lack of joints. Previous busways constructed from pre-cast blocks do not meet the exacting tolerances realised by Extrudakerb’s slipform and grinding combination, because they feature frequent transverse joints and can, over time, settle out of line. The slipform and grinding combination ensures the greater tolerances specified and required for a smooth train-like ride can actually be delivered.”

    Extrudakerb assumed the key supplier role, with a full management team and 80 staff, on-site offices and a ‘one stop shop’ service by also managing groundworks, laying the pavement sub-base, constructing ground anchors, fixing 88t of reinforcement on-site to a +/-10mm tolerance and constructing car traps plus entry/exit splays. Extrudakerb also managed specialist subcontractors for the project.

    Bus in Station


    M1 Junction 28 to 31 - CSB Replacement due to Concrete Contamination

    In 2014, Extrudakerb constructed 30km of Concrete Step Barrier along the M1 between junctions 28 and 31. In May 2015, the Principle Contractor, Costain, commenced removal and replacement operations to some of the barrier due to the fact that a contaminate was contained within the concrete. This contaminate issue only became apparent approximately 12 weeks after the barrier had been constructed. The concrete was supplied to Costain by Lafarge Tarmac. Extrudakerb had no commercial relationship with the concrete supplier on this scheme. The contaminate contained within the concrete has been reported as Dead Burned Dolomite and has resulted to the concrete spalling in numerous locations. This is also evident in other concrete products on the scheme such as the surface water channel and reinforced concrete collars around existing bridge piers. In June 2015, Extrudakerb were instructed under a Compensation Event by Costain to reinstate the removed barrier sections. Once again Extrudakerb have no commercial relationship with the concrete supplier. Spall 2  Spall 1 For further information please contact Highways England’s Information Line on 08457 50 40 30.
    Extrudakerb have recently created and issued its first Company Newsletter. The Monthly Newsletter, ExtrudaBlurb, has been written to inform both employees and clients of the on-
    What is LEAN? Lean manufacturing, lean production or ‘lean’, is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing system. Lean takes into account waste
    Extrudakerb, the UK’s largest slipform concrete company, has completed its £9.1m contract on the 6.5km two-lane Leigh to Ellenbrook Guided Busway (LEGB) in Greater Manch
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